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OUR SPECIALTY: Custom Jerseys

//OUR SPECIALTY: Custom Jerseys

OUR SPECIALTY: Custom Jerseys

OUR SPECIALTY: Custom Jerseys

Printing custom jerseys is actually the first type of garment printing that we got into. At first, we got a vinyl cutter and heat press, so the only type of customizing that we were offering was with vinyl. We still use vinyl till this day to customize jerseys, because it is extremely versatile. It allows us to print any name/number that we want in any style font. Best of all, unlike screen printing, there is no minimum order!

Custom Jerseys

We have a massive selection of custom jerseys for you to choose from. So, in order to get the ball rolling, we ask you to let us know:

  1. Style of jerseys
  2. Fabric of jerseys
  3. Color of jerseys
  4. Brand of jerseys that you prefer

Once we have that information then we go online and get to shopping! We’ll reply back with a selection that we feel will suite your needs. But, of course, if we do not get it right the first time then let us know and will go back however many times it takes. Once we find the jersey that you like then it’s time to begin the customization. So, we’ll ask you for:

  1. Player names and numbers
  2. Colors of the print
  3. Font of the text

From there we will create a digital sample for you to approve/disapprove. We offer free assistance with graphic design, so we will have no problem working with you in creating these jerseys! If you want colors changed or text moved, just let us know. Most importantly, we will send as many digital samples until you approve and are completely satisfied!

Custom Sport Jerseys

Creating custom jerseys isn’t as difficult as many people think, but it certainly requires a lot of time. Our turn around time right now is 5 business days, because we do not want to rush the decisions. So, if you are considering creating custom jerseys, then please contact us early, so that we can begin brainstorming.

Hope to print for you soon!

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I literally am either talking or day dreaming about custom apparel. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me to hear about our pricing, printing options, and apparel selection. Hope to print for you soon!

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