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OUR SERVICES: Custom Screen Printing

//OUR SERVICES: Custom Screen Printing

OUR SERVICES: Custom Screen Printing

OUR SERVICES: Custom Screen Printing

We have been in business for over seven years and throughout that time we have helped thousands of people design custom apparel. Over the years we have learned that customer service is something that separates us from the crowd and the fact that we are family owned and operated means we take it even that much more seriously! We are known throughout the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas as the go-to company for custom screen printing.

Custom Screen Printing

We now offer various printing methods, but when we first started it was only for custom screen printing. The reason is because the entire setup fit neatly in our garage. We had our screen printing machine, the light room, the dark room, the squeegees, the inks, etc. all within our two car garage. So, we didn’t have room for anything else. Custom screen printing was our main focus back then and it still is, but we have now perfected it. With every order we offer:

  • No setup costs
  • Quick turn around times
  • Literally 24/7 availability
  • Massive selection of apparel
  • Free assistance with graphic design

In addition to custom screen printing, we also offer heat press printing, DTG printing, and embroidery! We invite all of our customers to our shop to check out our equipment and to see exactly how the processes are done. We find that the more our customers understand the behind the scenes processes then the better able they are to create their designs. This is because they will know what can and can’t be printed and also what can be printed within their price range. Plus, most people love to see the automatic screen printing machines in action! A large compressor powers them and it truly is pretty awesome to see everything working in tandem.



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I literally am either talking or day dreaming about custom apparel. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me to hear about our pricing, printing options, and apparel selection. Hope to print for you soon!

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