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OUR SPECIALTY: Custom Tee Shirts

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OUR SPECIALTY: Custom Tee Shirts

OUR SPECIALTY: Custom Tee Shirts

Custom Tee Shirts

We literally eat, sleep, and breathe custom tee shirts. Especially since we are family owned and operated we are constantly talking about how we can perfect our custom tee shirts business. Depending on the size and design of the order we will customize it accordingly. We offer:

  • Screen print
  • Heat press
  • Embroidery

We use screen printing when a person is looking for multiple colors in their design and have an order that is greater then 25. We can print in up to 12 colors with our M&R automatic screen printing machine. The beautiful thing about this machine is that the first print will look exactly like the rest, because there is nothing that is done manually. Regardless of how many years you have been screen printing there is no way to stroke the squeegee exactly the same print after print. So, the first shirts will look different then the last especially if you are printing a couple of hundred. In addition, with the automatic screen printing machine we can offer a quicker turn around time.

We use heat press when a person is looking to customize jerseys or has an order that is under 25. The amazing thing about using our heat press machine is that there is no setup involved. We cut the design from rolls of vinyl and that is all. So, there are no screens to prepare, nothing to tape up, no films that need to be printed, and etc. Also, this generally has a quicker turn around time then screen printing.

Embroidery is best used for the person that wants a professional look. It is no doubt that embroidery is one of the most professional customization methods out there. You can print custom tee shirts with embroidery and you can also embroider custom hats, backpacks, polos, sweat shirts, duffle bags, and much more!

The goal of this blog post is to let you know that we specialize in custom tee shirts printing. So, if you’d like a quote, to see our past work, or to stop by our shop to try on a garment then please feel free to contact us!

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I literally am either talking or day dreaming about custom apparel. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me to hear about our pricing, printing options, and apparel selection. Hope to print for you soon!

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