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Popular Screen Printing Terms

//Popular Screen Printing Terms

Popular Screen Printing Terms

Screen Printing Terms

We often catch ourselves using screen printing terms when talking to customers, so the purpose of this blog post is to explain some of those terms. If you have a term that you think we missed or you would like something added to the list, please feel free to give us a call!

Applique – This is on the more expensive side, because it uses two processes to create. First, the material must be cut and weeded, then it is sewn onto the garment. This is a fantastic look and very popular with baseball and hockey players.

Bleach wash – Bleach is used to wash the garments which soften them and create a distress look.

Brushed cotton – It has a smooth finish, because the fabric is brushed to remove extra lint and fibers.

Burn out – A special chemical is applied to the garment and it literally “burns out” pieces of it. Thus, what remains is a garment that is super lightweight and stretchy. This is a very popular garment for summer time!

Canvas – Linen, cotton, or a synthetic fabric that contains a heavy weave with yarns for mostly industrial uses.

Cap Sleeve – A sleeve that is usually in ladies’ apparel pieces that is found between the upper arm and shoulder.

Chintz – A type of cotton

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Colorfastness – A term to explain how durable a shirt is. The factors that determine how colorfast a shirt is are the types of fiber, it’s dye, and treatments

Combed Cotton – The cotton is combed which removes the tiny strands and it makes the bigger fibers parallel. This results in a very smooth and comfortable type of cotton.

Cotton – A natural fiber that grows in a seed pod of a cotton plant.

Crocking – When dye rubs off of a fabric.

Denier – A measurement of weight in terms of filament yarns and fibers. The lower the number the finer the fiber and the higher the number the heavier the fiber.

Double Knit – Double the weight of a single knit fabric

Double Needle Stitched – Most often found on sleeves that creates two parallel rows of sticking that can be seen.

Effect Thread – A vastly unique type of yarn that is used to make the shirt appear as a highlight or with an effect.

Enzyme Washed – Natural enzymes are used to wash the fabric and it creates an aged effect.

Face – The finer printable area of the shirt that is used as the outer area. The side of the t-shirt or garment that is actually seen.

Filament – A super small thread of a fiber.

Full Cut – The comparison between sizes of brands. To illustrate, a small for one brand might be a medium for another. So, this is a measurement to evaluate how you compare to each brand.

Garment dyed – The garment is dyed after being made into a shirt.

Garment washed – Pre washes and preshrinks the shirt which leaves it soft.

Gusset – An extra piece of material that is put in a seam, so that it allows for movement.

Interlock – A type of knit that looks the same on each side.

Jersey Knit – In comparison to interlock, this knit has two different sides.

Jersey Stich – Used in weft knitting which each loop in the knit is identical.

Lycra – An elastic fiber that is made with other fibers and is super stretchy.

Marled Yarn – Two single pieces of yarns of different colors are spun together and is common in sweaters.

Microfiber – A basic term for a synthetic fiber that is finer then silk. These fabrics are durable, comfortable, and light weight.

Non-Woven Fabrics – Any type of material that is made by interlocking or gluing them together.

Ottoman Knit – A horizontally raised rib knit.

Oxford Weave – Made with a plain or basket weave

One x One Rib – The space is exactly the same between each rib, so it helps the shirt keep its stretchy properties.

Permeability – How much air, water, and water vapor does a garment allow inside/outside of it.

Pigment Dye – Colors that have been washed down and will continue to get softer with each wash.

Polyester – A massively popular material used for many purposes

Raglan Sleeves – Sleeves that are cut from the same piece of material.

Rib Knit – Has the look of vertical lines that are cut from a textured knit.

Ring Spun Yarn – Cotton fibers are twisted very tightly and this creates a very soft feel.

Shrinkage – The amount of size that is lost after washing a garment. A normal rate of shrinkage is between 5-6% of the overall size.

Stain Resistance – The ability of a garment to resist stains and dirt.

Twill – A type of weave that is made from about 2 warp yarns or threads of each weft. For example you have flannels, serves, gabardines, and surahs.

Wicking – A fabrics ability to repel water and moistuire and not soak it up.

If you have any other questions about these screen printing terms, please feel free to contact us!

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