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What is a vinyl shirt?

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What is a vinyl shirt?

What is a vinyl shirt?

We call the vinyl material that we use to print on apparel as “cad-cut”. The reason is because this material is extremely versatile and it comes in many different effects, colors, and textures. We feel that “vinyl” has a bad reputation associated with it, because it is often referred to as a heavy plastic found in building materials. The material has come a long way though since it’s beginning which is why we no longer refer to it as “vinyl”, because it is far more advanced now a days.

vinyl shirt

In order to cut the “cad-cut” material into your favorite design we use our vinyl cutter. This vinyl cutter is a beautiful machine, because it can cut out very intricate designs with extreme precision. Check out this video demonstration below:

We create the design in Adobe Illustrator, because we have to create paths. These paths are in vector format so we can shrink or enlarge your design infinitely with out causing any blur! It is a beautiful thing which is why we highly suggest for you to provide us with vector files formats. The difference between a good and fantastic printer is not necessarily his printing machines, but in how s/he can prepare the print. Thus, the better the person’s computer graphic skills then chances are high that your prints will be better as well! This is why we highly encourage people just getting into the business to start learning all of Adobe’s programs.

Heat transferring cad-cut material onto apparel is a far more efficient process compared to screen printing when you are doing orders of less then 20. The reason is because there are no setup costs and the time involved in preparing the print is not as lengthy. Yet, it can get pretty complicated if you start involving multiple colors.

If you would like to see an example of a vinyl shirt or would like to see how we create one, then please feel free to contact us!


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